Augmented Reality

What is and what we use it for

Augmented reality (AR) is a combination of the real world elements with the virtual world. This technology allows you to create virtual environments from a real physical elements. Based on a real world inwhich we get a much richer interface thanks to superimpose virtual elements that help us in our daily life. The augmented reality mobile applications offer many benefits for the user as it increases the information from their environment, being able to present that information in different media formats such as video, 3D objects, audio… becoming a unique experience.
Use of augmented reality in different sectors


Augmented reality in advertising and marketing

At present it is one of the main uses of Augmented Reality. A campaign in which a mobile application is included with Augmented Reality creates an impact on the brand to take into account.


Augmented Reality in Retail

The technology of Augmented Reality has many attractions for the sector “retail”. It allows consumers to interact with products in real time. It also adds value to the buyer experience and increase revenue streams.


Augmented reality in the Industrial area

Through Augmented Reality we have the ability to track process more visual and intuitive way and can display 3D elements at any stage of the process. Such as the assembly of any part of an engine is performed.


Augmented reality in education

There is no doubt that one of the main uses of Augmented Reality is in education. The ability to view and interact with 3D elements make easier the teaching of certain contents

eDiamSistemas can help you put your mobile marketing strategy running through Augmented Reality applications.

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We have created AR-Experience, an application for iOS and Android devices.

What is AR-Experience?

AR Experience is a perfect tool to promote your product or brand through augmented reality. From the image of your product you can activate a navigation interface, a video, an interactive 3D element or any media item from the mobile device, giving an added value and a unique experience to your customers user.


With Augmented Reality can have an enlarged view of a physical real-world environment and that add virtual information to the existing physical information.