In eDiamSistemas we offer services related to mobile technologies.

The digital experience is an improvement over the way real life and use these solutions to customers carries the brand is associated with innovation and technology.

We know the market of mobile applications, user behavior, and if you need help in implementing your idea, we can design it, develop the concept and help in all phases of your project. We specialize in developing augmented reality applications.


Mobile applications

eDiamSistemas develops applications for mobile devices for iOS and Android platforms. We are specialized in the development of Augmented Reality applications.



Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a combination of the real world elements with the virtual world. Based on a real world inwhich we get a much richer interface thanks to superimpose virtual elements that help us in our daily life.



Wearables EpsonMoverio

The glasses Moverio BT-200 are the only intelligent transparent glasses and binocular vision that leverage the full potential of augmented reality for consumers and businesses.


Mobile consulting

We should seize the business opportunities that the mobile market presents for companies and offer our services eDiamSistemas mobile consultancy. With this specialization we want to support everything related to mobility market by using mobile marketing services, augmented reality, “wearables” devices, etc.



QR codes

QR codes are one of the most interesting possibilities when you are considering a mobile marketing campaign. QR codes have become one of the best links between the world “offline” and “online”. Applications QR codes are endless and can become a truly effective marketing tool.



Virtual Reality

Virtual reality in a set of seemingly real scenes that are generated by computer technology and gives the user a feeling of being immersed in the scene. This environment, usually referred to by devices known as virtual reality goggles. For greater interaction of virtual reality glasses there are other devices such as gloves, special suits that will give more realism to the environment experienced by the user.